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Venture Technology Group

ANNOUNCEMENT – New Collaborative Partnership

Venture Technology Group Announces Collaborative Partnership with Mr Matt McCarthy, Manager, Global Investment and Innovation Incentives (Gi3) at Deloitte Dr Dennis Feeney, Founder and Chair of Venture Technology Group (VTG) and VTG Search is pleased to announce...

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SnoreTox Announcement

Emerging Australian Neuroscience Company Snoretox Wins $1 million in Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) funding and a pathway towards a further $50 million of funding over the next five years. In a world-first in the development of treatments for lax muscle tone and...

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Australia’s Competitive Landscape

There are numerous opportunities that can be pursued by the Australian sector in a global market: A Strong international reputation for quality; Diverse culture, social-economic stability and unique safe location; An equitable healthcare system; A strong research...

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